I’m Dorota Markowska and known also as Dora.


My passion for travelling started in my early twenties. My mind was so set on exploring Europe, I had very little money, so I frequently resolved to hitch-hiking… anything to get me from A to B, to see something new and unknown, to meet new and exciting people… to explore… to adventure!

Living in London for past thirteen years I realised this magnificent, vibrant and crowded city can feel very lonely at times. It is a very transitional place where people frequently get consumed by their professional lives, new partners or simply tire of the hustle and bustle of the big smoke and move on to someplace else. It is difficult to maintain friendships, even more so for someone in late thirties like me.

I joined multiple travel groups focusing on various sports, with many tour operators to pursue my passions and to meet similar people who I could keep in touch with after each trip. With each trip however I found people were badly matched. Groups were hardly matched by age or interest. Frequently only two or three people hung out together in the evenings and it was hard to stay in touch after a trip as people lived too far from London. I realised what groups were missing was a “Trip culture” – a forum where people can meet before and after a trip, to get to know each other better before a trip and keep I touch after a trip. SoI decided to quit my job and the comfort of a safe paycheck and pursue a venture which would benefit people like me. I created my own company, Take a Trip Pro, for open-minded, adventurous people missing a real connection with their travel partners. The company is specifically targeted at people who love to explore culture of new countries and are keen to participate in sporting activities suited for the terrain of a given place. Take a Trip Pro is truly an adventure of my life!

The itinerary of every trip I organised is prepared from scratch by myself. The itinerary is based on scrupulous research and my personal experience. Yes, I visit every place in advance so I can find out in advance what are the best things a place has on offer. This assures that you get to experience the finest sights and activities…. so you can be truly satisfied. I will also accompany you each step of the way to make sure you are happy and that you are enjoying yourself. I understand your free time is precious and I want you to make the most out of every minute on a trip with us!