Yes, travel insurance is an important part of traveling and is mandatory for our travelers. We require travel insurance proof on the first day of the trip for further processing. No traveler is allowed to join the trip without the insurance.

A travel insurance should have cover against personal and financial accidents. It should cover medical expenses as well as emergency events, personal liabilities, and death. We require a travel insurance coverage minimum of £200,000. Moreover, we suggest your plan also includes cancellation of trips, luggage loss as well as personal damage.

It is in your best interest to have your travel insurance sorted before your trip. When choosing a plan you need to consider all the emergency problems, accident management, and personal losses. We also encourage you to have your policy number handy at all times as well as an emergency contact number that we can use in order to contact someone in case of a mishap. You should also ensure your personal contact details and any other necessary information is accessible to the insurance company as well as any details you may need to contact them in any emergencies. Mishaps can occur anytime and trip cancellations are one of them. We encourage you to choose a plan that has trip cancellation benefits as well. The insurance plan will then cover your trip if you need to cancel it due to unavoidable causes such as illness, injury, weather issues or other unforeseen events. You do need to know that insurance policies don’t cover trip cancellation if you simply change your mind.

Yes, you can. We are organizing weekly meetups in various places in London so you can know your group far before the trip. You will receive our weekly invites in your email when you subscribe and also information about new upcoming trips. Our weekly events you can find also on Meetups under the name London Adventure Meetup Group where already have join over a 1000 people since May 2018. You can also stay in touch with the group on our What’s up travel group, where the new meeting and trips are posted. We have also created separate travel group before the trip. It will include only the people who you will be traveling with.

We try to keep our group sizes small in order to cater to each individual separately. We work to make this trip amazing for every individual and this is best achieved if we take small groups and give each person our maximum attention. A small group means we can deliver excellent dynamics of the group and set real friendships. We tend to limit our group down to 8-14 people. We usually tend to stick with 8 people. However, on Overland trips assisted with purpose-built vehicles, we do often take 16 travellers with us for a memorable experience. We also display the group size on the trip’s page.

We choose leaders based on their expertise and their ability to keep the group together. Our leaders have roamed the area for years and are no stranger to the dialect or the terrains of the region. However, we will not be telling you who your group leader will be before the trip but you can rest assured that they will be awesome!

Yes, you can join us part of the way. You can leave earlier if you wish but you do need to inform us prior to doing this so we can manage accordingly. However, you will not be compensated for the remainder of the trip. We will inform our team about your schedule so that they can manage accordingly

We will not be able to change the itinerary for every traveller. We, therefore, request you to review it thoroughly prior to booking and ensure you are happy with it. However, we do entertain a group of traveller requests. So, if you and your friends desire a specific itinerary, contact our talented TripPro leader and she can help you out for sure!

We accommodate such requests. All you need to do is ask our specialist and she can help you with your request.

We are always providing 4 * accommodation or equivalent as we believe in quality and high standards.

The price is set based on quality. We want to deliver the best services so you can enjoy more while traveling. We want to deliver a bit more glamour but not over the top. We will not be providing a limousine but we will surely be giving you a comfortable stay and as everyone deserves a bit of luxury from time to time …

We make our travel arrangements well in advance and usually book twin rooms. This is why it may not be possible to cater to your individual room requests even for the additional price.

We do give you the option of booking your single room pre and post trip. However, during the trip, the rooms are booked on a twin room basis. These bookings are placed well in advance, which is why it is impossible to cater to this request during the trip. For the pre and post trip accommodation, kindly mention your preferences at the time of booking.

Once you will have made the payment our trip host will send you in pdf form info to your email about the flights booking, accommodation and day to day Itinerary. Please take the itinerary with you while travelling. We have a special page on our website dedicated to providing essential trip information on every trip. 

Currently, all of our trips are within Europe. However, it is important for you to contact your local embassy and check the details as the visa rules are susceptible to change. Usually, such information is also available within embassy websites, which shows the requirements as well as the visa costs of visiting a certain city or state. If this seems difficult you can always visit a travel agent to inquire further.


You can contact your local embassy or you can visit the travel agent in order to get your visa.

We cannot assist with the actual visa process however, you can contact your local embassy or visit a travel agent for this purpose


Mishaps can happen. However, our skilled leaders are trained for such emergencies and will ensure your safety. They will get you help as soon as possible. If there is a sudden illness due to which you cannot continue the trip our personnel will notify your family as well as health services in order to ensure proper care is taken. We will do our best to get you home or to help you on with your trip. In case of any such emergency, your travel insurance will cover it, which is mandatory for all our travellers.


It is always a good idea to travel with your ATM cards as these are universal. You can also take a bank issued cash card with you. We do recommend having some options so that you are able to access money wherever we go. 


There are different check-in times in different regions. The general rule is between noon and 2 pm. you can easily check in, store your luggage and head on out to explore!

These can be difficult and not confirmed. However, we can assist you with a pre-night booking in the same hotel so that you can arrive at ease and check-in. however, if the extra charges are too much you can also try out the local hotels for a few hours until your check-in time.

No, unfortunately, we do not include airport transfers in our package. This is only included if you are travelling in our comfort package or on the independent journey.

You will find this in your trip information. This will be sent to you in a pdf format to your email so you can refer to it for details. We also have all of this necessary information on our website.

Certainly! You can always choose any activities included in the package or opt out of any if you wish. You can also choose any activities by yourself if you like. However, this does not include trekking or travelling from one destination to another as we have to take the entire group with us together. You do need to know that we will not be refunding any activity that you choose to opt out of.

The activities are mostly skiing, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, surfing, walking, and kayaking, sightseeing, jeep adventure, dancing etc. they depend on different trips. It is up to you to decide if you are able to actively do them during the trip. We are counting on your true judgment of your health.

Relaxation is very important while you are travelling. That is  why to Take a Trip Pro always organises its itinerary in a way that you can have one day for yourself to explore or relax as you like. If there is anything you want to do, if you want to shop or just relax, this is the perfect time to do so! In the weekend trips, this free time is usually scheduled on the last evening or on the last day.

Kindly notify us if you will be arriving late on the trip as this will help us manage fellow travellers and our time. It will also help us avoid any unnecessary waiting. If you miss part of the trip, you need to communicate this with us. We will tell the trip leader who can then lead specific instructions for you at the accomodation so that you can join the trip midway and enjoy the remaining part of it! If you plan to join the group on the second or the third day, you will be responsible for arriving at the destination to join the group. However, If you are unable to do so, you can always contact us on our emergency contact. We will not be able to refund any part of the missed trip but any unavoidable circumstances can be claimed against your insurance.

We try to give you the best on every trip. Our trips are designed to be comfortable and luxurious which is why we provide you with a luxury stay in 4* hotels. Enjoy your trip in a lap of luxury, because you deserve it!