Privacy Policy

Protecting your personal information is of utmost priority for Take a trip Pro Ltd. Here we dissect our privacy policy so that you are able to understand our care for you. You can always contact us for further questions via email or through our online chat service.

We have compiled our policy to inform you of the privacy practices of our company.


During our interaction with you, we will request you to submit certain details that are necessary for booking your travel essentials. Your name, contact, travel, and booking details will be needed among other things.


When we set out to book your travel tickets we will disclose your personal information to relevant booking offices in order to initiate the ticket booking process. These details include your name, contact information, email, address, emergency contacts, nationality, insurance, ISIC information, any nutrition preference or allergies, accommodations, travel details, and payment details.

This information may be transferred directly or via partners. All of this information is necessary to process the booking and provide you with a completed travel booklet. Booking your trip with us means that you are allowing us to choose your personal info for acquiring tickets. In the process, we will need to share it with local airlines and hotel residences to make the necessary arrangement.

By booking with us you grant us the permission to collect, use and disclose your info for the stated purposes of your travel. Besides this, we also need to utilize your personal info for determining your preferences and choosing relevant services for your travel.

Optimizing our suggestions to you based on the info you provide, troubleshooting problems in current or impending services to the best of your needs and ensuring your safety while traveling. We also use your details for evaluating our internal accounts and for complying with local and international immigration laws and regulations.


We have personalized newsletters that give you all the latest insights into the travel world. We may collect and use your name, address, email and phone number to forward some interesting contests and our newsletters if you choose to subscribe to them. For our contests, we can use your information to direct the ones that you may like.


We at Take a trip Pro Ltd collect all the relevant information from our employees to ensure we have a record for security purposes. We need identification documents as well as qualifications for the position applied. Personal information can include name, contact information, email, address, educational qualification, previous employment record, citizenship information and verified criminal record. We require this information to screen employees and choosing the best-suited employees for our team.


Besides the basic ticket booking, we may also transfer your details to third parties that will provide the required services. This includes delegating info to website experts for email and communications, promotions and contests. We may also need to delegate the info to process payments and provide travel services.

We assure you of the protection of your information. we will process it under relevant jurisdictions. You can always find out more about our privacy policy by contacting us. The service providers cannot use your information in any way. They are strictly restricted for identification and service provision purposes. 


We also want to notify you that your info may be processed by our business outside of Europe. If you are a European resident or resident if the European economic area, we may process your info in Australia. Rest assured, our services have been declared as having adequate security by the European Commission.

Certain cases may require us to transfer your info to third parties residing outside the European Economic Area. These countries may not have the same level of privacy security as UK and EEA, however, we make your privacy our first priority. We always take the reasonable steps needs to protect your privacy rights.


In case of an unfortunate bankruptcy or due to a merger or sale of business we may transfer your personal info to the merging company in question. The Merging company will be responsible for the new privacy policy.


In case of legal claims or a legally valid inquiry, we will provide your personal information in response to a search warrant. This is to clear any problems in case of contravention of law or an agreement breach. We may also disclose your personal information when requested to legally investigate information regarding a loss or harm to individual or property.


We realize the importance of your privacy, which is why we implement strict measures to secure your personal information. We have standard administrative, technical and physical security guards in place to prevent any unauthorized disclosure or use of personal information.

However, we would like to say that any information on the internet is not 100% secure and therefore we cannot give you a 100% guarantee. We would also like you to know that our client information retention program regularly filters through clients and does not keep client info for longer than necessary. This helps us fortify our security system.


We give you the right to access and modify your personal information as needed. However, certain aspects of the information may not be changed as stated by the law. However, you can update and correct any information accessible to you on our website. You  request changes for the submitted information as well. We do request personal identification for any changes in an attempt to authorize and secure the process.

Besides this, residents of UK, European Union, and European Economic area have the right to know the duration of information retention. You are also legible to receiving a copy of the submitted information. You can object to us retaining any of your personal information. In the event of a dispute, you can lodge a complaint to the relevant office.


A cookie is a small data pack that is sent by our website to your computer. It tags it for identification the next time you visit us. Registration gives us the permission you send you these cookies. However, you can modify the acceptance of these copies from your browser. You have the control over receiving or blocking cookies from websites.


Internet advertising works with respect to cookies. The cookie accepted by your browser will allow third-party websites to show you ads relevant to our business. You can also prevent this from happening at this site.

We may use these third-party cookies to analyze consumer data. This helps us manage our business better and improve our customer experience. It provides us with some information on your preferences. It also gives us tips on how to change our websites to suit your preferences.


We may make revisions in the stated policy over time. Any changes will be posted on our official website. You can always refer to this page to check out the updates on our privacy policy.